Madhav Public School

LATE BENI MADHAV OJHA a prominent agriculturist and an extremely upright forbearing and charitable person. He was not well educated but well versed in the education of life. He observed that many of the children in society either away for want of proper education or led astray because of defects in its system. Moved by his feelings and drawing inspiration from him  his sons took a vow to devote themselves to cause of education. The name Madhav is given to the school in his loving memory The school under aegis of  Deveki Devi Seva Sansthan  owes its establishment to the vision and inspiration of  Mr lndrajeet Ojha  a renowned person and chairman of Madhav Public School. He views the school an opportunity to repay his groups debt to the society.
Main aim of the Deveki Devi Seva Sansthan Estd2004 is to run primary classes first which will later become a College imparting education to all boys-girls irrespective of caste and creed. The next priority on the agenda of the society is to improve the quality of education and the education inputs must be relevant and creative.  The students will be acquainted with the changes taking place around them and they will be made fit  in mind and body to grapple with the emerging challenges.  New  innovative methods of teaching will to be tried and adopted by the society s school.