Admission procedure

  1. Children Will Be Admitted To Different Classes According To Prescribed Age Group And Holding Of Achievement Tests, In English, Hindi, Maths And Science.
  2. Normally Children Of Two Years And Six Months To Three Years Are Admitted In Pre-Nursery / Nursery-I And Three Years And Six Months To Four Years In Nursery II.
  3. Parents/Guardians Are Required To Fill Up The Prescribed Application Forms, Available In The School Office, From March 1st.
  4. In Case Of Late Admission, Fees Chargeable From The Beginning Of The First Term Ought To Be Deposited.
  5. Three Recent Passport Size Photographs Of The Student For Identity Card, Admission Form Etc Will Be Required To Be Furnished.
  6. All The Supporting Documents As Required In The Admission Form, Must Be Submitted Along With The Form.

General Rules

  1. Students Must Bring Home Work Diary Every Day.
  2. They Must Bring Appropriate Tiff In And Water Bottle, Having Their Names Etc. Labeled On Them.
  3. Name, Class, Section And Medium Must Invariably Be Written On The Bag, Books, Copies And Other Belongings.
  4. Students Must Be Regular And Punctual In Attending The School And Complete Their Assignment Daily.
  5. No Student Will Be Allowed To Leave School Premises Without Obtaining Permission Of The Principal.
  6. Students Will Be Solely Responsible For Safe Custody Of Their Books And Belongings, And The School Authorities Will Not Be Responsible In The Event Of Their Loss.
  7. Students Returning To School After Suffering From Infectious Diseases Must Produce Medical Certificate From A Registered Qualified Doctor.
  8. Students Must Attend The School Daily With Text Books And Note Books According To The Time-Table.
  9. Students Must Put On Neat And Clean Prescribed Dress, Properly Ironed And P [Shed Shoes And Look Smart.
  10. They Must Use Dust-Bins And Keep The Class Rooms And Premises Tidy And Clean.
  11. They Must Not Write On The Walls And Spoil The Furniture By Scratching Or Carving.
  12. Only The Books And Note Books Are To Be Brought As Per Syllabus / Time Table. Other Newspapers, Cell Phones Etc. Are Not Allowed.
  13. Students Must Not Loiter Recklessly And Are Prohibited To Visit The Staff-Room Without Permission.
  14. Presenting Gifts To The Teachers And Inviting Them To Functions Require Prior Permission Of The Principal.
  15. Individual Problems Will Be Sympathetically Considered But Collective Complaints Cannot Be Entertained.
  16. Guardians Or Relatives Are Strictly Prohibited To Interview The Teachers Or Their Wards Within The School Premises Or In The Class Without The Permission Of The Principal.
  17. Ninety Percent Attendance Is Compulsory For Every Student During The Academic Session.
  18. As Per The CBSE Rules No Student Shall Be Eligible To Take The Board Examination Unless He/She Has Completed 75% Of Attendance Counted From The Opening Of Class IX/X/X1/X11upto The First Of The Month Preceding The Month In Which That Examination Commence In The Subject Of "Internal Assessment", Guardians And Parents Of The Student Of Class X/Xll Are To Note This Rule For Their Compliance.
  19. Every Student Is Required To Have An Identity Card Containing His! Her Particulars.
  20. Promotions Are Granted On The Basis Of Satisfactory Work During The Whole Session.
  21. Late Arrivals, Absence Without Leave, Negligence In Doing Class And Home Work; Paying No Attention To Studies In The Class Are Seriously Viewed As These Are Tantamount To Misconduct And Dereliction Of Duty. Strict Action Will Be Taken Against The Habitual Defaulters. Late Corners Or Absenta.Es Will Not Be Allowed To Enter The Class Without The Permission Of The Principal.
  22. General Assembly Is An Integral Part Of The School Day With Prayer To God And Listening To The Important Announcements. Every Student Must Attend The Assembly In Time.
  23. Class Work And Home Work Is Given Every Day. Guardians Are Requested To Ensure That The Work Is Completed In Time. They Must Sign The Home-Work Diary Each Day Invariably.

Age Eligibility

Class Age
Play Group 2 Years & 6 Months
L.K.G. 3 Years & 6 Months
U.K.G. 4 Years & 6 Months
I 5 Years & 6 Months
II 6 Years & 6 Months
III 7 Years & 6 Months
IV 8 Years & 6 Months
V 9 Years & 6 Months
VI 10 Years & 6 Months
VII 11 Years & 6 Months
VIII 12 Years & 6 Months
IX 13 Years & 6 Months